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Layout tag is made with my Betsys Paradise Dream kit ;)
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7 Jun 2010

Date Night

Tutorial is made in PSP10 and Animation Shop 3


Download my template HERE

and my Gold Rush kit HERE

Licensed artist work is by Pinuptoons

Plugins used 

Tramages - Hex Latice

font used for name is called WeekendInParis

Let's start

Open the template, and close my top layer, also save the tag under a new name if you wanna keep
the template for later ;)

Go to the bg top layer select all, float, defloat, open paper 17, resize it 55%
and paste as a new layter above, rightclick on the layer and choose promote selection to layer.

Do the same to the bg bottom layer, use paper 20, didn't resize it, just paste as a new layer
above and promote selection to layer. delete the original paper layers. Deselect.

I've kept the city template original closed below the one I've used with glow in case you 
wanna use it with another glow ;)

Go to the gold line layer, duplicate it 5 times, we need 6 in total, 
start on the one you have on top, selections all, float, defloat and 
add Tramages - Hex Latice at these settings

For the other 5 lines change Wave Peak to 225, 215, 205, 195 and 185, deselect.
no need to close any of the layers we've got the frame around it so all's good ;)

Now it's time to start adding things.

I've used a girl from Pinuptoons, added a closeup on the right side duplicate it
mirror and resized 70%, then moved it down behind the city layer so just the 
face is showing on the left side, erase and access.

On both tube layers I've also duplicated them on the top ones I've added blur -
gaussian blur, Radius 3 and changed blend mode to overlay on the closeup one
and multiply on the small one. 

Move to the line frame layer and start adding more decorations.
I've added element 93, reiszed 55% and moved up a bit so it's hovering half way
over the animated line we've made.

I've added the gold boots (element2) resized 40% and moved down to the left corner
then behing them the golden heart (element 91) resized 30% and rotated 50% to the right
Over the heart goes element 18 (a key) resized 40%.
and finally behing the heart I've added the golden phone (element 21) resized 40%.

I've also given the tube the same phone in her hand, just duplicated it and mirrored ;)

If you're happy with it add the proper ©
I've added my name in white with just big letters, down beside the decor on the left ;)

Then we're ready to animate

Keep the avatar frame on top closed, also close your name layer if you wanna add more names
to it later.

Copy merged (Ctrl+Shift+C)
Open Ani Shop and paste as new animation

Back in PSP close the line you've used and copy merged again.
Paste after current in Ani Shop 

Continue with it till you've got all 6 lines used.
view animation to see that it all went good ;)
I've explained ho to add names later, below ;)

To make the avatar we're gonna use the already made tag ;)
In ani shop select all and copy
Ctrl+V in PSP then you see all 6 frames as layers
I've resized mine by Pixels, Hight 160 (that makes width 436), remember to hook
the box for Resize all layers. (maybe you need it a bigger hight, 
just undo and play around with it, maybe not even resize at all ;)

Open the avatar frame in your template, copy it and paste as new layer in your 
resized tag, move it around to find an image you like.
When you're happy with your avatar image, use the Crop tool, under Snap crop rectangle to: 
click the middle button called Layer Opaque, 
then double click on the tag to cut off 
the access.

Then add proper © and name.
and add it to ani shop for animating, same way as we did above.
When you have all 6 frames in ani shop view animatin, if it goes 
the other way, just select all and reverse frames ;) 

How to add name later in ani shop ;

Copy your name layer from PSP

Paste as new animation and paste after current until you've got 6 frames, select all and copy.
On your tag select all and hit Ctrl+E to see your name on the tag, then just click where you like
it to go and view animation, then save it ;)
and undo to remove the name and start over with another name ;)

And you're done

Hope you've had fun.

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