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Layout tag is made with my Betsys Paradise Dream kit ;)
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13 May 2010

Catwalk Babe

Tutorial is made in PSP10 and Animation Shop 3


Download my template HERE

Licensed artist work is by Daniel Esparza

Plugins used

Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 - Nature
Mura's Maister - Copies

Font used on name is sick Capital Vice

Let's start

Open the template, and save it under a new name, close the top layer. 
below it you see the closed layer for the avatar frame, just keep it closed there for now ;)

Go to the background layer add Effects - Texture effects - blinds 
4, 25, white, horizontal checked.

Add the tubes you like in front of the wordart layer.
dupliacte one of the closeups and move the layer above the backgroundlayer
add Mura's Meister copies - Wallpaper(rotate) I moved the number button to 24
to find what I liked, just play with it ;)
Change blend mode to Multiply.
add a new raste layer above it, Gradient - Foreground-background -
Style: Radial, Angle 50, Repeats 3, Center points 50-50.
Choose black as foreground and a color from your tube on the other, i used #9d1317.
Flood fill the layer and change blend mode to Darken (or as always play around 
and find what you like, with other colors you get other results;)

Go back to all the tubes duplicate them, on the duplicated one Adjust - Blur -
Gaussian Blur 3, on the 2 images in my middle I've used blend mode  Multiply,
on the 2 on each side I landed on Overlay (just play around with it)

Use the [URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/CreativeAddictions/index.php?showtopic=9393]Manual Color Correction tool[/URL] to change color on your wordart, I've used the 
same dark red on mine (they'll turn lighter after our next step)

Add a new raster layer below the frame (above all your tube layers), 
flood fill it black and duplicate it 3 times.
On all 4 add Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 - Nature - Smoke, Settings: Large, Classic,
just hit the Random Seed button at the Basic page to find the smoke you like on all 4 layers.
On all 4 change blend mode to Dodge and lover opacity to 79 and close the eye 
next to 3 of the smoke layers.

Now the banner is almost all done it's just the frame and the name left
so it's time to think about the avatar too now ;)

hold down your Shift key and hit D to get 2 of your tag, save the new one as Avatar.
Open the Avatar frame on top and move it around the tag and find the image you'd like in your
avatar, close some girl layers if they interfer with the part you like.
When you're happy with your avatar image, use the Crop tool, under Snap crop rectangle to: 
click the middle button called Layer Opaque, 
then double click on the tag to cut off 
the access.

Now we have both the banner and the avatar and we're ready to decorate the frame,
do the frames on both the avatar and the banner at the same time, but i'll just explaine it 
once ;)

On the frame layer, selections all, float, defloat, you still have the same gradient we used
above, switch the colors and flood fill the selection.
duplicate it, keep selected, Effects - Texture Effects - Mosaic Antique 90, 90, 0, 2, 30.
then Effects - Edge Effects - Enhance.
deselect and change blend mode to Soft Light (again, play around with it if you're using 
other colors)

Now add your name of choice and don't forget the proper ©

Ready to animate ??

Open Ani Shop

See to it that only one of the smoke layers are open, copy merged (Ctrl+Shift+C)
Paste as new animation in ani shop, 
back in psp, open the next smoke and close the used one, copy merged 
again and paste after current in ani shop.
Do the same to the last 2 smoke layers and you should have 4 frames in 
ani shop, select all and change frame properties to 25 , view animation and 
save as...

And you're done

Hope you've had fun.


  1. where did you get all the little fish you used in the sexysiren tag
    can you email me at icytiny@gmail.com

  2. Hi Vaybs! I took this tut.. here are my results.. ;]



    thank you!

  3. Nice result hun, thanx for showing !! :))


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