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Layout tag is made with my Betsys Paradise Dream kit ;)
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19 Sep 2010


Tutorial is made in PSP10 and Animation Shop 3


My Fall kit Here

Licensed artist work is by Elias Chatzoudis
(Limited Edition)

Plugins used

Alien Skin Eye Candy - Impact 
Eye Candy 4000
Alien Skin Xenofex 2

Font I used for my name is called Mr Sandsfort

Let's start

Open a new image 650 x 650 flood fill white.
Add frame 11, Image - free rotate 90 degrees to the right, duplicate it and set blend mode to Screen.
Open DBV Fall paper, resize it to 35%, add it below the frame, and you see that 
it fits just inside one of the windows, duplicate it and move it to the other window too ;)
Merge down the 2 paper layers, duplicate and set blend mode to Screen, merge down again.
Duplicate it 3 times so you have 4 and add Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation
with these settings

Add the same to the next 3 paper layers, but hit the random seed button to change it up on each layer.

Still below the frame layer, add frame 12, resize it to 40% and rotate it left by 25 degrees.
Movie it to the middle of the left window, use the Magic Wand to select inside the frame, 
Selections - Modify - Expand by 3, I used part of paper 14 inside mine, here's how I do it;)

Add the paper as a new layer below the frame, resize 60%, use the move tool to move it around
and see what you like inside the frame selection, when happy with it, rightclick on the 
paper layer and Promote Selection to Layer, deselect and delete the paper layer.

To the little paperlayer, add Effects - texture effects - blinds, 4, 20, white, and both 
boxes checked. Add the image you want in the frame. to remove access,stand on the paper layer
Selections- select all, float, defloat, invert, go to the tube layer and hit delete, deselect,
and change blend mode to Hard Light and duplicate it.
Add a drop shadow to the little frame, 0,-6, 25, 5, black.

Add the image you wanna use on top of the big frame, the one I've used is resized 80%, duplicated
and Changed blend mode to Overlay and opacity lowered to 65.

Add the wordart (element 54), resize to 70%, selections all, float, defloat.
Open paper 16, copy it and clos it, add a new raster layer above the wordart and paste into
selections (Ctrl+Shift+L). Deselect and delete the original wordart layer.
Duplicate the wordart 3 times and add Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise with these 
settings to the top one, remember to hit the Random Seed button for the other 3.

Then add Alien Skin Eye Candy 1 Impact - Gradient Glow to all 4 layers with these settings.
my colors are #bdaf09 and #634e00 

Now you're ready to decorate all you like, here's all the elements I used (see tag for placing)
Above my main tube layer:

element 46 resized 75% and mirrored
element 53 resized 30% 
element 55 resized 35% and mirrored
element 50 resized 40%, mirrored
element 49 resized 70%
element 3 resized 40%
element 44 resized 60%, dupliacted it, mirrored and resized 60% again 
then moved the layer down above the small frame.
and under it I put element 48 resized 45%.

At the bottom of the tag: (start above the white background)

element 52 resized 60%
element 56 resized 75%, duplicate and move one a litte above the frame and one a little more visible
below the frame.
element 10 and 11 

Sharpen all resized elements, I use Adjust - Sharpness -
Unsharp Mask... 1, 100, 10.
Give all elements a drop shadow, 2, -3, 35, 3, black.

Remember proper © before you're ready to animate ;)

For my name I used the font with color #8f0a00 then gave it the HSB Noise at
factory default settings and the same gradient glow as the wordart and the drop shadow.

Ready to animate?

Close your white background layer along with 3 of the wordart layers and 3 of the paperlayers.
Crop it, then copy merged.

Open animation shop and paste it as a new animation.

Close the wordart and paperlayer you've used and open the next ones,
copy merged again and paste after current in ani shop.

repeat the previous step for the next to layers of wordart and paper.
So you have 4 frames total.

Select all and change frame properties to 20.
View animation
Save as...

Customize - use Optimized Octree and under Partial Transparency set it to 40 and Yes, blend with 
this color is White.

And you're done

Hope you've had fun.


  1. Hello
    I look and see that you are doing fine tags tutorials! I really liked it! I'll look to you ^. ^ Creative success!

  2. WOW...WONDERFUL work on everything
    thank you fro sharing with us


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