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19 Jun 2010

Credit Card

Tutorial is made in PSP10 and Animation Shop 3


My template HERE

Licensed artist work is by Tyson McAdoo

Plugins used

Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Constellation
Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact - Gradient glow

Font used for my name is Jellyka - le Grand Saut Textual

Seen some credit cards around and wanted to make my own ;)

Let's start

Open the template

Add the tube you want, resize if needed and place it where it looks good
stand on the card layer, select all, float, defloat, invert. then hit delete
on the tube layer to remove access.

Recolor the card with help of the Manual Correction Tool,
play with it and pick colors from your choice of tube.
(my source color was #cfcccc and my target color was #747171)

Well creditcards don't normally come with animations, but knowing me 
I couldn't help myself, so to prepare the constellations.
Use the magic wand with these settings 

stand on the card layer and click on the 2 dark curved lines, hold down the SHIFT 
key to select them both at the same time, like this

rightclick on the card layer and hit Promote Selection to Layer, then deselect.

Duplicate the new layer 2 times, then use Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Constellation
with the settings 2, 25, 15, 0, 100, 75, keep original image hooked.

Some stars might stretch outside the card, so to remove it, go to the card layer
use the magic wand to select the empty space outside of the card
then hit delete on your keyboard on all the 3 constellation layers, then deselect.

Move to the numbers, I used the manual color correction tool to change it to #e9ebef
Then gave it this inner bevel

I've also duplicated the tube and changed blend mode to hard light for the top one.

Then remember to add the proper © and I've also used our forum name on top, recolor
to your liking and give them both a small gradient glow.

If you're happy with it we're ready to animate.

I'm animating without the background so keep it closed.
if you're affraid something else is sticking out outside the card, just select outside
it and hit delete on the layers.

Close 2 of the constellation layers.
Copy merged (hold down shift+ctrl+C)
Paste as new animation in animation shop 3

back in PSP, open te next constellation and close the used one.
copy merged again and paste after current in ani shop.
Do the same with the last constellation too.

View animation, and if you're happy with it, File - Save as...
At customize use, optimized octree, then under partial transparency i've used this 

and it should look good on the sides ;) 

And you're done

Hope you've had fun.

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