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Here you find all my tag tutorials using Paint Shop Pro (I use PSPX) and Animation Shop 3.
They're all made with FTU elements ;) And if I'm doing my job right you might pick up a few new ideas and tricks on the way.
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Layout tag is made with my Betsys Paradise Dream kit ;)
Have fun!!

2 May 2010

Sexy Siren

Tutorial is made in PSP10 and Animation Shop 3

Download Supplies HERE

Licensed artist work is by Nicole Brune

Plugins used

Alien Skin Eye candy 5 - Impact

Font used is called Helzapoppin™

Let's start

Open the tut template.
Add your tube choice in front of the tag
Color the shell to compliment your tube, I've used
Gradient foreground/background Linear,#a5c1e7 ,#8f88c1. Select all, float, defloat,
add a new raster layer above the template and flood fill it. Deselect and close original.
Duplicate the colored shell, on the copy, add Alien Skin Eye candy 5 - Impact - Glass
change factory default to these settings.

Change blend mode to overlay and move it above the wordart layer.

On the glassed copy, select all, float, defloat, invert, hit delete on the original
and the wordart layer. Invert again.
Add 4 raster layers below it (between the wordart and the glass one)
On all 4 add Effects - Artistic Effects - Balls and Bubbles with these settings

Just change the Seed slider for the next 3 ;)  Deselect 

Start decorating with all the elements included , see my tag for ideas and inspiration ;)

Drop shadow used on all elements is 1,-3, 25, 5.
I also gave my name a double glow with alien skin - impact - gradient glow

and don't forget proper ©

Ready to animate ?? 
(I always close the name layer and add it later in ani shop, but that's all up to you)

Close 3 of the bubble layers.
Copy merged (ctrl+shift+C) 
Paste as new animation in Ani Shop 3

Back in PSP close the bubble layer you've used and open the next one.
Copy merged again, and paste after current in Ani Shop.
Do the same with the next 2 bubble layers too

Now you'll have 4 frames in Ani Shop, select all, copy, go to the last frame and paste
after current, go to the last frame again, and paste after current again.
Now you should have 12 frames.

Now just open the animations and start adding them to the tag.

To add them; 
on each animation select all and copy.
on your tag select all and hit ctrl+E then click on the tag to place it.
if you're not happy with your placement, undo and try again ;)

When you've added all the animations, and you wanna save a copy for later so you 
can add names to it and give away, select all, copy, paste as new image in PSP and save;)

Back in Ani Shop
change frame properties to 20, view animation.
Save as Optimized Median Cut.

And you're done

Hope you've had fun.


  1. I actually did this tutorial and finished it and it came out perfectly. your tutorials are so easy to understand, I just love to make them. Thank you Very Much!!!


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