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17 Apr 2010

Rainbow Fling

Tutorial is made in PSP10

Made this tag a while back to show off my Rainbow Fling kit
didn't think of tuting it, but someone asked where the tut was, 
so I desided to write it out, and added a wordart behind this time, so
here it is ;))) Have fun!!


My Rainbow Fling kit HERE

Mask 82 HERE

Just rightclick and save the wordart ;)

Licensed artist work is by Elias Chatzoudis

Font is called Penshurst you find it HERE

Let's start

Open a new image 600 x 600 flood fill white.
Add the Rainbow Fling wordart.
Open paper 15, copy and close it again, add a new raster layer, select all and 
paste into selection, deselect and add DBV mask 82 to it, merge group.
Add element 5, resize 70%, Image - Flip and move it to the right.
Add Frame 10 resized 60%. Use the magic wand to select inside the frame, add a new 
raster layer below. Open paper 14, copy and close again, paste into selection, deselect.
open the rainbow (element 50), resize 40% and move it up a little.
Add your tube of choice on top.
Add a bow (element 15), resize 60%, move it up to the left.
Add the button heart (element 13), resize 50%, Image - Free Rotate; Left, 30.
Move it to the left, duplicate and mirror.
Add the 4 flowers (elements 23, 24, 54, 55), resize them 50%
Add the cup (element 61) resize 35%
Sharpen things that look blury and give drop shadows, I've used 2, -3, 30, 4.
Add your name using Penshurst font, give it a double gradient glow using Alien Skin
Eye Candy 5 - Impact, drag your name layer under the tube like she's sitting on it ;)

And you're done

Close the white background, crop (Use the snap crop button Merged Opaque)
then File - Export - PNG Optimizer.

Hope you've had fun.

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