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Layout tag is made with my Betsys Paradise Dream kit ;)
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9 Sep 2009

Too HOT to be Innocent

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This tutrial is written by me using PSP 10
Any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.
All materials used are copyright to their respective owners.


My NSIT kit here
The wordard is png so just rightclick and save ;)
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I'm using the artwork of © Michael Landefeld
To use it you gotta purchase a license through Cilm here
Plugin used; Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Impact
Font used; AmoreATT

Let's start

Open a new image 600x600 flood fill white
Add your frame of choise, I've used nr 1, resize 85%
Use your magic want to select inside, Selections - moderate -
expand by 5. Then add a new raster layer below the frame and flood fill
with the lightest grey, #c0c0c0.
Add the chickenwire below the framebackground and recolor it
later with the Manual Color Correction to fit your tag
(I picked red from the chair ;)
Now add the Bars (element 57) below the frame resize 60%
and remoce the access outsie the frame.
Then add a chair and the clock and whatever more you want
inside the jailcell ;) and someone to sit on the chair.
Resize all the elements to your need, use the pick tool (K) to shrink it ;)
Now to give the jailcell a little more shabby look,
take the Lighten/Darken Brush tool with these settings
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Keep the right mouse button down to color it lighter and switch to the left
to color it darker, just play with it, I made the floor lighter and the
walls shabby and darker.
now to decorate ouside the frame I've used elements
37, 41, 58, 68, 69
Resize, rotate, duplicate and mirror to your liking ;)
Add the wordart, mine's resized 80% and given a subtle white glow.
Remember proper © ;)
oh, and add some drop shadows, lol forgot to mention them this time.
Close the white background and export as png.
And you're done :))
Hope you've had fun!!And congratulations on a new tag :))

Tutorials are © Tutorials by Vaybs

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