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12 Oct 2008

Manual color correction tool

I don't know why PSP have decided to keep this awesome tool
so well hidden and not out on the table where it belongs.
It's the tool to use when you want to change elements to whichever colour you might need.

Basically, its the tool you never knew you needed but absolutely love when you find it, and will wonder how you ever managed without it. 

This is the button I'm talking about 

If you don't have the Manual Color Correction button visible :-

On your toolbar go to View - Customize
On the Commands tab choose All Commands 
Scroll down the list of tools in the box & find the Manual Color Correction button

For easy use you can place into your toolbar, to do this:

With the box visible, as the previous screenshot,
Click on the icon with your mouse and holding it down, you can drag it out and place it where you like in your toolbar. 

This is where I've got mine

Now you know where it is, to use it just highlight the layer of the
element you want to colour change and click on the icon you've just placed
into your toolbar 

then you get this box

In this example I've used a greyscaled butterfly to show you 
I've had it in Effects - Photo Effects - Black and white film first 
(play around with the filter color and see what looks best there)

If the element has just one colour you don't need to greyscale it, 
but often when it has 2 or more colors you might struggle to get a colour you 
want without greyscaling it first.
On the image above you see I've picked a dark grey from the butterfly
and chose a green as Target colour.
(just rightclick on the butterfly to the left, the before shot, to pick source colour, 
play around with it, and you see the different results you get on the right, 
it's real fun )
If you have the tag you're working on beside the window
you can just click on a colour from your tag to pick it for your element.
When you find the colour you want to use, just click on the image to fix it into the source box and OK it.
Can't believe it took 3 years before I came over someone mentioning this
button, now I can't live without it !
Anything else you wonder about, just ask .


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