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14 Jul 2012

Sexy Flirt

Tutorial made in PSP10 and Animation Shop 3


My supplies 

Licensed artist work is by Zlata_M 

Plugins used; 

Alien skin Eye candy 5, Impact - gradient glow
Italian Editors Effect - Effetto Tv (included in the supplie

Fonts used are RedFive
and Grand Prix ES

Let's start

Open a new image 650x250.
Make a foreground/background gradient, Linear style, 0, 0, make it black on the bottom 
and #ff24c2 (pink) on the top, flood fill it.
Duplicate it twice and flip one of the layers so the black is on top.
Add a new raster layer between the 2 duplicates and change the gradients Repeats: to 1 (we want the 
black to go in the middle with pink on both sides), flood fill the new layer. 

Add Italian Editors Effect - Effetto Tv with these settings to the 3 of them.

(I've got mine in my filters unlimited filters to work)

Close 2 of the layers before moving on.

Add your tube of choice, duplicated it, move the first one to the left and get the face in center
move the other one to the right and center the brah on the upper right side, change blend mode
to Multiply on this one (or maybe something else looks better for your choice of tube). 

Make the frame by adding a new raster layer on top, 
Selections - select all
Selections - modify - contract 4
Selections - invert, switch your gradients Repeats: back to 0, and make sure you have black on top,
then flood fill and deselect.
Give it a white glow using the "Vaybs Nice White" gradient glow I gave you in the supplies 
(add it to your Alien skin Eye candy 5, Impact, settings, glow folder first)
Add a drop shadow to the frame -2, 2, 30, 4, black and shadow on new layer, then duplicate the layer,
mirror and flip it.

Use the font RedFive, color white, size 72, type out "SEXY", convert to raster layer.
Image - free rotate, rotate left 90 degrees and move it to the outer left side.
Type out "FLIRT", convert to raster layer and move it down to the right.

To both the words you're adding Alien skin Eye candy 5 - Impact - Gradient Glow, 
use my "Vaybs Nice White" but go to the Basic sheet and change Glow Type: to Inside Glow, 
then go down and change the white color box to our hot pink #ff24c2.

Then use the same Glow again on both words, but this time change it back to Outside Glow
and change the color to black.

for my name I've used the font Grand Prix ES, color white, size 72, and placedd it
above "FLIRT" (Then it goes just below the brah on my tag)

Drop Shadow I've used on my tube, "Sexy Flirt" and names is -1, 7, 30, 40.

As you can se in the supplies I've already made you the frame for the avatar, to make the 
job easyer for you, and noone can say the didn't bother to make it, I just copied the finished banner into it,
resized it 80% and moved the face to my liking.
add proper © (name of artist and your license nr) add your name and save it as a jpeg.

Then we're ready to animate the banner, just remember proper © 

Open Animation Shop 3.

Make sure only one of the lined backgrounds are open on your tag, 
start with the black at the bottom one, copy merged and paste as new animation in Ani Shop3. 

Close the lined layer you've used and open the one with black in the middle, copy merged again
and paste after current in Ani shop, we want 2 of this one so paste it after current once more.

Back in PSP close the lined layer and open the one with black on top, copy merged and paste 
before current layer this time around. Then we've got 4 frames with black on the bottom, middle,
top and middle again ;) 
now select all (ctrl+A) change frame properties to 30 and view animation.

If you're happy with it add all the names you like.

view Animation and save as...

And you're done

Hope you've had fun.

Would love to see your results so you're more than welcome to add them below.


  1. hi vaybs! i'm one of your biggest fans because i learn so much from your tutorials! have good day!

  2. Hi, I was looking for a tut and ran across your site. All your stuff is AMAZING!!! Good job!

  3. I thought I had commented but I don't think it came through. I found your site by mistake and I love everything you do. It is all so beautiful.


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