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16 Sep 2011

Pole Dancer

Tutorial is made in PSP10


My supplies HERE
(Not to be used for other tutorials)

Artist work is © Keith Garvey, licenced atm at PTE 

Font on wordart is Haettenschweiler, on my name I've used Pushkin

Now this is too easy to be called a tutorial, it's more a tag idea
that I had a lot of fun making, and when I started deducting elements 
it wasn't all that much I could remove lol
But I just know you can have a lot of fun with this one, 
cos I've made 3 of it myself already lol 

Let's start

Open the PoleDancertut template, delete the cr layer

Add the strippole on top, duplicate it and place one on each side on the front stage.

Find 2 tubes that look like they could be pole dancing, and arange them beside, in 
front or behind the poles, have fun with it! 
drop shadow on my girls is -2, -4, 30 7, white .

Use the manual color correction tool to recolor the curtain to suit your tubes.
If you don't have the tool yet you find the tut for it among my other tuts. 

On the back curtain layer, select all, float ,defloat, add a new raster layer, 
make a gradient, foreground/background, angle 90, Repeats 15, pick a light and a dark color
from your curtain, flood fill and deselect.

Add the discoball move it where you like it behind the curtain, recolor it if you feel like it.

Add the wordart on top, mine's placed in front on the stage, recolor it if you like.

My name's placed in the middle of the wordart, give it a black drop shadow.

Remeber proper ©.

That was all lol 

Have fun digging up potential strippers and I can't wait to see your results yay 

And you're done

Hope you've had fun.

Here are 2 others I did while I was at it.

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