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8 Jul 2011

Strawberry Wine

Tutorial is made in PSP10 


Jessica's "Strawberry Wine Sampler" kit HERE
thank you for sharing sweety!!

and my supplies HERE

Licensed artist work is by Ismael Rac 

Font used is BethsCuteHmkBold

Let's start

Open a new image 650x650, flood fill white.

Add the TabCluster, resize 80% and move it a bit down.

Add WordArt2 resize 40% and move it to the open space on the tabcluster, to make it more visible
duplicate it, merge down, duplicate again and merge down again, use the manual color correction 
tool to change color of it to a dark red (#851124).

Add my supplied strawberry basket, put it just below the biggest butterfly.
Add Strawberries, resize 20%, duplicate and put one on each side behind the strawberry basket, 
so only one strawberry is showing on each side of it.

Add Flower2, resize 20% add one on the top right corner of the tabcluster, duplicate and decorate 
with 2 on the thread in the front center (resized one of them to 80%). 
Duplicate and add one on the thread to the left, then duplicated the 80% one and added it behind the 
tabcluster to the left center so only half is showing.

Now we're adding elements behind the tabcluster, so move down to the background layer.

Add the Roses, resize 60%, move it to the left and keep the tip behind the tabcluster.
Duplicate it and on the copy change blend mode to hard light.

Add the Envelope, resize 50%, move it to the right behind the tabcluster.

Add the Hearts, resize 60% and delete the 2 biggest ones at the bottom, place the 
bottom heart touching the card in the envelope.

Add the LeavesHeart, resize 45%, duplicate it and drag one sticking up in front of the envelope
and one out on the left corner of the clustertab.

Then add your girl (halfbody) behind the cluster tab, standing in front of the roseheart.
(Mine's got a red shirt and blond hair) 

Now we've resized alot of elements and made them blury, so to sharpen them, use
Adjust - Sharpness - Unsharp Mask, radius 1, strength 100, clipping 10. to all the 
resized elements.

Drop shadow used is -1, -2, 30, 4, black.

Add my supplied strawberry sweet wordart at the bottom of the tag.

My name I've made red (#a50000) with a small double gradient glow of white and yellow
and placed it above the stitched Sweet.

When you're happy with it, just close the white background and save it as a png.

And you're done

Hope you've had fun.

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  1. You always know how to rock my socks sweets! Thank you so very much for working with my kit. It's gorgeous. Hugs, Jessica


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