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Layout tag is made with my Betsys Paradise Dream kit ;)
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5 Jan 2011

Steampunk Ho

Tutorial is made in PSP10 and Animation Shop 3


My Steampunked kit HERE

My template and Smoke setting HERE

I'm using the artwork of Barbara Jensen available HERE

Plugins used

Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Nature - Smoke
Muras Meister - Copies

Font used for name is Shirley Script JF

Let's start

Before you start in PSP copy the DBV Brown Smoke fille in the supplies and paste it into your 
Alien Skin - Eye Candy 5 Nature - Settings - Smoke folder. Then you're ready to go :)

Open my tut template, save it under a new name so not to lose original ;)
Close the top layer and go to the wa2 layer, open the tube you wanna use and put it 
in the center of the tag. Duplicate it twice and on the top one change blend mode to Hard Light.
on the original one add Muras Meister - Copies - *Line at default settings. Move this layer
down just above the background layer move it to the left so it's only visible on the left side of 
the tube.
Above this layer start adding elements you wanna use from the kit, I've used 
elements 25 resized 60%, 
element 33 resized 60% and mirrored then moved down to the left
element 10, moved down on the center tubes right side.

Add the closeup tube move it to the far right side, resize to your liking, then duplicate it
and on the top one change blend mode to Hard Light and lower opacity to 50 

(All blend mode settings vary depending on what tube you use, so just play around with it
if my settings don't fit your choice of tube)

Add element 5 resized 50%, moved up and just to the right of the center tube, duplicate it
and change blend mode on the top one to Overlay.

Duplicate frame1 and move it below the center tubes, then duplicate again til you have 4 black frames
below the center tube. 
Then add Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Nature - Smoke - DBV Brown Smoke to the bottom one.
On the next 3 add the same but remember to hit the Random Seed button at the bottom of the Basic sheet.

Above the wa2 layer I've added element 17 resized 40% and moved to the right of the wa2, 
duplicated and mirrored.

Remember to add proper © and then we're ready to animate.

Close 3 of the smoked frame layers.
Copy merged (Ctrl+Shift+C)

Open Animation Shop 3 and paste as new animation

Back to PSP, close the smoke frame you've used and open the next one
copy merged again and paste after current in Ani shop
do the same with the last 2 smoked frames so you have 4 frames in ani shop

Select all and change frame properties to 35.

Back in PSP, duplicate the bannertag (Shift+D), open the Avatar frame add it on top of the 
tag and move it to you see what you like in it, when you're happy with it, crop - snap crop
rectangle to - Layer Opaque.

If you wanna use the smoke layers and animate it, do so as with the banner, if not, save it
as a JPEG.

And you're done

Hope you've had fun.

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