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6 Apr 2010

It's The Polkadots

Tutorial is made in PSP10 and Animation Shop 3


My Polkadot kit HERE

Licensed artist work is by Keith Garvey

Plugins used

Mura's Seamless

Font used is Sick Capital Vice

Let's start

Open a new image 600x600 flood fill white 

Add frame 11, resize 80%, use the selection tool on rectangle to select
around the inside of the frame, add a new raster layer below the frame.
open paper 17, copy it, and paste into selection.
Keep selected, duplicate the pink background twice, on the top one add
Mura's Seamless - Polkadot at these settings

On the second and third, change Radius,Arrange to 160 and 170.

Add the star clip resize 60% and move it to the right side of the frame.
Zoom in and use the eraser tool to erase the parts of the inner star that
would go behing the frame if it was clipped on for real ;) For best result
on the edges, duplicate the star and move the layer below the frames background

Add Heartlocket2, resize 35% and move it over to hang on the star clip.
use the eraser tool to erase a tiny part of the handle that would go on the backside
of the starclip.

Add frame 4, resize 60% move it to cover the lower part of the big frame.
Use the selection too to select inside all 3 frames (hold down the shift key to 
select all 3 at the same time)
Selection - modify - expand by 4 .
Open paper 10, copy and paste as new a layer below the frame, resize it (I had it
on 80% and resized by that some times to get it small) 
promote selection to layer, deselect and delete the whole paper layer.

Add the images you like in the frames (Select inside the frame, expand by 4,
add the tube below and when happy, rightclick on the layer, chose promote selection 
to layer, deselect and move the tube to the next frame, and do the same selcting again)
Merge down all the 3 images in the frames, duplicate and change blond mode on the top one 
to soft light.

Add tag 1, resize 60%, Image - free rotate 90 to the left, move it to the left side of the big frame.
Use the selection tool on rectangle and select around the inside of the tag add a new raster 
layer below, copy paper 17 and paste into selection.
Open the wordart you like (they're all made to fit the tags ;) 
Use the freehand selection tool on point to point to select the one you wanna use, copy it
paste as new raster above the tag background and resize 60%, 
free rotate 90 to the right, and adjust it into the tag.

Add the main standing tube, if you're using one like mine and want one leg on each side of the 
frame, place it where it looks natural, duplicate the tube and move one layer below the frames
background layer, then use the eraser tool to erase the part of the leg on the top layer.

Add the wire at the bottom, resized mine 80% and mirrored.
Add letter2 on top, resize 30, and place to your likeing, duplicate, resize 70% and mirror, 
move it back, duplicate again and resize 70%, free rotate 20 to the right, it's a bit blury 
now so try sharpening it ;)

Add the staple, resize 70%, free rotate 90 to the left and move to the right side of the frame.

Add the proper © and your name.

I used this drop shadow on my elements -2, -2, 30, 6, black.

Ready to animate?

Crop the tag to remove access white areas.

I always close my name layer and add it later so I can make it for more names without haveing
to redo it ;)

Copy merged
Paste as new animation in ani shop
Close the top pink backgorund layer, copy merged again and paste after current in ani shop
Do the same to the last polkadot background.
Copy the middle frame and paste after current to the last one.
Select all 4 frames and change frame properties to 20.
view animation and save as 

And you're done

Hope you've had fun.

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