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23 Nov 2009

Winter Time

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This tutorial is written by me using PSP10 and Animation Shop 3
Any similarities to other tutorials are purely coincidental
and unintentional.
All materials are © to their respective owners.


Beautiful little FTU kit "Winter Time" by Marypop here
Thank you so much for sharing hun!!
My DBV Mask 59 here
You can download my Glass filter setting here ,
just put it in your Alien Skin impact - Settings - Glass folder ;)
I'm using the artwork of © Maxine Gadd
To use it you gotta purchase a license through MPT

Plugins used
Muras Meister - Copies
Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact - Glass
and Gradient Glow
Van Der Lee Adrenaline - Snowflakes
Font of choise for your name, winter time wordart is in the kit ;)
I've used a payfont called Fleurie

Before we start, since this is a full size kit
I've been good and told you all my resizings,
my tip is to resize the elements before you add them to the tag,
cos it saves time copying a smaller element ;)
Let's start
Open a new image 600x600, flood fill white.
Add a new raster layer copy the third paper (freebie13)
and Paste into selection, deselect.
Add DBV mask 59 and merge group.
Add the circle frame resiced to 12%.
Use the magic wand to select inside it, Selections - medify - expand by 6
Copy the same paper, paste as new layer below the frame, resize to 80%,
then drag it to find the more colorful outer parts, I chose one down to the left,
when you like what's inside the frame, rightclick on the layers pallett
and choose promote selection to layer, deselect.
Then just delete the big paper layer.
Add the 3 flowers (freebie3) resized to 15%, duplicate it and resize that one
to 60%, move the big one down to the right. on the small centered one
add Muras Maister copies at these settings:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Move it below the paperlayer behind the frame ;)
Add freebie 5, resized to 30% add it below the big flower cluster.
duplicate it 2 times and hit K (to get the Pick tool)
rotate and downsize them a bit and move them where you like .
Add freebie 1 resized 10%
Add freebie 7 resized 20% on top, move it to the left, then duplicate
flip and mirror it, move it below the flower circle layer and drag it
up to your liking.
Duplicate the 3 big flowers, move it to the left so one flower
is below the red leaves (see the tag for reference)
use the Eraser Tool to remove the other two flower ;)
Add freebie 6 below the 3 flowers, resized 10%, move it to your liking ;)
Add freebie 10, resize 5%, move it to the outpart of the mask anywhere
you like, move the layer down just above the mask layer, duplicate it as many
times you want and move it here you like, if you look closely you might
se all my 7 ones ;)
Add freebie 2 on top, resize 15%, recolor to #95b5bc, and move it to
the top of the frame. Give it this Inner bevel
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Then add Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact - Gradient Glow
I used the Factory Default setting and changed color to white and a light
blue from the tag, add the glow twice ;)
Drop shadow on all elements I've used -2, -3, 30, 4, black.
Think I've covered all the elements now,
don't forget to add your image of choise in the frame ;)
So let's get on to the Snow :))
Go to the circle backgroundlayer in your frame
select all, float, defloat. Then add 4 raster layers above it.
one the top one add Alien Skin Eye candy Impact - Glass
- Vaybs big button (Scroll down on Settings to find it)
On the next 3 layer you add VDL Adrenaline - Snowflake with these settings
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Just slide the Random seed button a bit up for each of the next
2 layers ;). Deselect and close 2 of the snow layers.
Add your name of choise. I gave it the same inner bevel and the glow once.
Don't forget the proper ©.
Then we're ready to animate.
Hit ctrl+shift+C to copy merged.
Open Ani Shop 3.
Hit ctrl+V to paste it.
Back in PSP, close the snow layer you used, open the next one
and hit ctrl+shift+C again to copy merged
in Ani Shop hit the paste after current button.
Do the same to the third snow layer too ;)
Select all and change frame properties to 25.
watch it and save if you're happy :))
And you're done :)) Hope you've had fun!!

And congrats on a new tag :))

Tutorials are © Tutorials by Vaybs

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