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9 Oct 2008

Sexy Rebel

This tutrial is written by me using PSP 10 and Animation Shop 3

My Supplies

save the gradient to the gradient folder and the wood tile to patterns.
The bullethole is also easyer to use if you save it to the picture tube folder.

I'm using the artwork of ©Popeye Wong
Visit his site here
You can download this tube here
scroll down until you find the link called rebolusion-comadre.psd
Remember to add the proper copyright " ©Popeye Wong http://www.popeyewong.com/ " on the tag.

Eyecandy 4000 (for the smoke)

Font of choise, I've used SexyRexy and Playbill

Let's start!!

Open a new image 600 x 600
Flod fill it white
Add the tube you want in front
Use the elipse tool, mode: circle, Show Nodes and Create on Vector checked, Solid line, width 55
Foreground color: Wood pattern,Background color: maxican flag gradient (angle 270)

Make a circle that fits behind your tube
Add a new Vector layer above your circle

Use the text tool and add the text you want around the circle,
hover it over the vector circle and click when you see the plus sign and an A with a curve under it.
it goes in the circle now but we're moving it out right after.
( I used the font SexyRexy at 16)

Rightclick on the text layer and convert to rester layer
Then resize it to fit just outside the circle, I needed 113% resize on mine.

Add the cactus, mine's resized 90%, Blend Mode: darken, Opacity: 80
dupliate if you want 2.

Add 3 Raster layers just below the gunwoman layer.
Stand on the first of them

Use the Freehand Selection Tool, freehand, feather 0.
Make a selection where you want the smoke to be

Eyecandy 4000 - smoke
Settings - Light Puffs

these were the setings I ended up with, move around and find the ones that fit best to your selections

Add this to all 3 new raster layers, just hit the Random button to make the smoke move.
Close out 2 of the smoke layers
convert the Circle layer to Raste layer before you add the text you want and the proper CR information

When you're satisfied we're ready do add the bulletholes.

Add the first bullethole where you want it to start (on a layer above the circle text layer) (I've started on the left side,
and working my way around the cirkle.

Merge visible and copy to Ani Shop.

Undo the merge, close the smoke you used and open the next one
add another bullethole where you want it
(either duplicate or add the bullethole to picture tubes so it's easyer to just dab it on the same layer as the first one.

Merge visible and copy, paste after current in Ani Shop.
Repeat this until you've got all the bulletholes you want.

Remember to change the smoke everytime, and add another bullethole.
I've used 8 bulletholes, then close the bullethole layer(s) and merge one image with no holes,
and paste after current at last

Select all layers and change Frame Properties to 25

And you're done!!

Thanks for trying it out, and hope you've had fun!!
I'd love to see what you've made of this.

Tutorials are © Tutorials by Vaybs
All rights reserved

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