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27 Feb 2009

Violet Spring

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This tutrial is written by me using PSP 10
Any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.
All materials and tubes used are copyright to their respective owners.


Violet Spring kit from Bel Vidotti, available here at Galeria Free
If you want the easy way out (LOL) I saved my wordart as a png
for you, just rightclick and save ;)

I'm using the artwork of © Marjolein Gulinski
To use it you gotta purchase a license through MPT here
Fonts used are BethHand and BickhamScriptFancy2
Let's start;
Open a new image 700 x 600 flood fill white

Add the flower circle frame, resize 80%
add the frame with 3 windows, resize 80%
add the images you'd like in the frames (keep in mind that half the image
in the left frame will be hidden under the flower frame ;)
add backgrounds behind them tooif the images don't fill the frames ;)

Close the flower frame and the backgroundlayer
then merge visible, open the flower frame and background again.

Rotate the frame 12 % to the left
Add a drop shadow 0,0,80,9 and hook the box for shadow on new layer
Duplicate the frame and drag the shadow and the first frame layer
below the flower circle layer.
then take the Eraser tool, had mine on size 60, and start erasing
the parts of the frame that are covering the flower circle to the left

Add the scattered flowers just abow the white background, duplicate and mirror.
Add tag01 below the flower circle, (or add a paper if you want another
background in the flower circle ;) duplicate it and drag it abow the
flower circle, resize it 50%, place it and add a wordart to it (your own or mine ;)
Added 3 flowers on top of it they are resized 30 then 80% and flipped.
Add tag02 resize 40%, rotate right 35% and mirror and ad name to it ;)
Add bow08 on the next layer above.
Now if you've Erased too little of your top frame, just adjust it and erase more to
make it look right.
If you've erased too much, no worries, you have the whole frame so just
duplicate, move up and erase again ;)
Add bow05, resize 40%, rotate left 12%, sharpen and place on the top
right of the frame, duplicate, mirror, flip and place at the lower left of the frame.
Add all the elements you'd like, my butterflies are resized 15 and 17 %
Don't forget a proper © and when happy, close the white background and
save as png ;)
Think that was all of it ;)
We're done :))

If you have any questions don't be affraid to ask them ;)

Tutorials are © Tutorials by Vaybs

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